Do Park Homes hold their value?

Just as the cost of buying a Park Home is made up of two factors, so is the value of a Park Home. The value of the land on which the home is sited rises in line with regional property values and thus the value of the home increases. However, another factor to consider is that Park Homes have a finite life of about 50-60 years. As such, the actual value of the house depreciates over that time span, slightly counter-acting the rise in value of the land.

Historically, because land prices in the UK have risen for the last twenty years, the value of the land has risen faster than the homes themselves have depreciated. The value of sited homes has therefore risen over time, and is closely linked to the value of property in the local area. So there are very few park home owners who have lost money when buying a park home. And as Park Home living becomes ever more popular, there is an increasing demand for homes which acts to drive up prices.

We would recommend that anyone purchasing a park home does so because they offer a high standard of living and an attractive, community based secure lifestyle and because they often allow purchasers to release equity in their own home. While the value of park home may go up over time and the home may be sold or passed on to close relatives in the future, it should not be considered primarily as an investment purchase.

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