How much does a Park Home cost?

The value of a park home is reached when adding up two factors; the value of the home and the value of the land on which it is sited. The price of the home depends on the make, model, size and furnishings requested by the homeowner. This is often quoted as being the 'un-sited' or 'ex-works' price of the home.

The overall price of buying a park home, however, also needs to take into account the cost of siting the home and the value of the home once it is sited on the park. Once again, this depends on several factors, such as the location of the park (both its location in the country, and its nearby amenities), the size of the plot and position of the plot.

These two factors make up the overall cost of a Kings Park Village home, which is often very different from the price quoted by the manufacturer. The best way to find out how much a certain home would cost on one of our parks would be to contact us directly on 01268 511 555 for a quotation!

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