Choosing a park home

We recommend that prospective purchasers use a 3-step approach to buying a park home.

Find an area you like
This is important. No matter how nice the park is, if you don't like the area you won't enjoy living there! Make sure that there are sufficent transport links, amenities, etc, and that you're close enough to family and friends.

You may also decide that you'd like to move closer to the seaside. Properties close to the coast usually cost more than inland properties, but this may vary from area to area.

Once you've decided on an area (or areas),
Find a park you like.
We've found that it works best when clients look at half a dozen or so parks in the area of choice. That enables you to get an idea of the quality of parks in the area and the average prices of park homes.

Make an appointment to view the parks and have a good wander around. Chat to residents while you're looking around- these are your prospective new neighbours! Ask their opinions on the park owner, other residents, the local area, etc. Obviously opinions will vary between residents, but it should help to give you an overall idea of what it's like to live on the park.

This is also a good time to check whether the park allows pets and whether there are any restrictions on who may live on the park. Many parks are retirement parks and only allow retired or semi-retired residents. You should also ensure that the park is a member of the BH&HPA (British Holiday & Home Parks Association) and the NCC (National Caravan Council). The local council is also a good place to visit, as you should enquire as to whether there have been any major problems with the park and/or the park owners.

What are the local amenities to the park? How far away is the nearest doctor's surgery? Is there a greengrocer/butcher/baker/post office nearby? What about transport links to the park? Is there a bus service that runs to the park or near to the park? These are all important questions to ask when selecting a new prospective home.

Once you've decided upon your park of choice, Choose a home.
This step generally comes last in the process. The reason for this is that no matter on which park you site a home, the home is going to be almost exactly the same. In other words, the home itself will be the same on any park in the country. It's the surroundings of the park and your neighbours that will determine whether it's just a house or a home that you love and enjoy!

Additionally, some plots are better suited to some homes than others. For instance, if the plot you've selected has a great view, you're certainly going to want a home design that's going to make the most of the view!

On Kings Park Village we often site new homes that have been custom-made for the specific plot on which it sits. That means that you're likely to buy a home that makes the most of its surroundings.

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