Gold Shield Scheme

The Gold Shield Ten Year Warranty Scheme provides purchasers of new park homes with total peace of mind. Gold Shield was launched in 1987 as a statement of confidence in the quality and durability of park homes and there are currently nearly 950 parks registered with the scheme and over 10,000 park homes are covered.

The Gold Shield Ten Year Warranty is managed by a Board of Trustees from the Park Home Industry and administered by the National Park Homes Council. Gold Shield operates an independent financial reserve, financed by the park home manufacturers, which ensures that homes registered under the warranty benefit from full structural cover for a ten year period.

The Gold Shield Warranty is available FREE OF CHARGE to park home owners. These benefits are provided alongside and in addition to your purchaser's rights under the law. Your responsibility is to ensure that you take good care of your home, including maintaining regularly the coated exterior surfaces, in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. Gold Shield is a warranty to cover rectification work in the unlikely event of a failure or defect in the structure of your home for a period of ten years. Decorations, appliances and furnishings, purchased as part of your home originally, are also covered for the initial period of the warranty as shown in the section 'What does Gold Shield cover'.

How do I obtain Gold Shield cover?
BUY YOUR HOME FROM A GOLD SHIELD REGISTERED PARK. Your first step is to confirm with a park manager that the park is registered with Gold Shield before you purchase your home. This ensures that the home complies with BS 3632, a British Standard which certifies that the home is suitable for year round occupation and that it is sited professionally in accordance with the exacting requirements of Gold Shield.

How can I register my home?
When you purchase your home you will receive a Purchaser's Warranty Application Form. You and the vendor, normally the park owner, will complete the form and send it to Gold Shield. The vendor will also give you a Purchaser's Warranty Agreement. Gold Shield will send you a Warranty Certificate confirming your cover, to keep with your Agreement.

Can the cover be transferred?
If the home is sold during the first ten years, the remaining un-expired years may be transferred to a new owner. A change of ownership form, on the reverse side of the Purchaser's Warranty Certificate, is completed and returned to Gold Shield. A new Purchaser's Warranty Certificate is then issued.

What does Gold Shield cover?
Year One - During the first year, your new park home will be fully covered by the warranty to include the whole structure of the home and every part, component, fixture and fitting.
Year Two - The second year of the warranty provides you with a similar level of cover as year one, with the exclusion of any fault or defect arising from central heating boilers and controls, any electrical or gas installation with moving parts, soft furnishings, floor coverings and internal decoration.
Years Three to Ten - Years three to ten provide you with protection against any major defect in the structure of your home (the load bearing parts of its floor, walls and roof)

Exclusions are specified in detail in the Park Home Purchaser's Warranty Agreement. Gold Shield is not an insurance policy and does not cover risks normally associated with home insurance, such as theft, fire and accidental damage. You should ensure that you are covered against these risks with a reputable insurer.

For more information, visit the Gold Shield Warranty website

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